Missing for Christmas

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Christmas Eve 5:52

Mrs. Greg started up the stairs in the living room and Daniel and Nates followed close behind. “Did you find anything?” She asked, after clearing her throat.

“Not yet.” Nates replied, as he reached the top of the stairs.

Mrs. Greg’s shoulders sagged at the news, but she still motioned to a close door at the beginning of the hallway they had just entered. “That’s where his office is. I’m not sure what you’re going to find in there that’s of any use.” She said.

“Maybe a clue to his abductors?” Daniel suggested, even though he knew the odds of that happening was one out of twenty-three. With all the other similar missing person cases there were no clues. Daniel hoped that this case would be an exception.

Daniel and Nate entered the office and Daniel flicked on the light and then scanned the contents of the room. A desk with a computer on top sat in one side of the room, while the other side had cabinets and shelves with boxes on them. “The computer could be useful.” Nates mused, wandering over to the desk, and messing with the computer.

Meanwhile, Daniel went over to the shelf and pulled off a box. He opened up the flaps to it to discover what looked like new bags of marbles and wooden track pieces. “Christmas presents?” Daniel asked, Mrs. Greg, sliding the box back into his place.

Mrs. Greg shook her head. “No. Thomas owns a retail business online. He keeps his merchandise in here.”

“Mrs. Greg.” Nates called from where he was by the computer. “Would you know the password to this computer?”

Mrs. Greg looked thoughtful for a second and then shrugged her shoulders. “I used to and then Thomas kept changing it and I lost track of what it was. But…” She said, snapping her fingers. “My son and daughter might. They work with Thomas in his business which means they have access to the computer.” She explained and then stepped into the hallway.

Daniel heard her yell the names “Johnny” and “Jane” and soon Mrs. Greg appeared again, but this time with two teenagers. Both of them were silent and somber as they stepped into the room. Finally, the girl, who Daniel assumed was Jane asked, “Mom says you need something?”

“Yes. Do you know the password to the computer?” Daniel questioned.

Jane and Johnny nodded simultaneously and then they both shuffled over to the computer. Nates stepped back and then Jane typed in the password. Suddenly, the computer erupted in a blaring alarm and the screen started flashing black and then white.

“What’s happening?” Daniel demanded, dashing over to the computer.

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