A Little Fishy (Part 2)

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Don’t Forget

A Kaitlyn and Nick Mystery-Suspense Short Story

Nick shoved his food out of the way and yanked my plate towards him. He started to ripped off the bun to my hamburger and began to poke around with the pickle and lettuce. “What are you doing?” I managed to ask, before resting my forehead on my hand.

“Checking for poison. Did you eat any of your fries?” Nick demanded, ready to dismantle the pile of fries.

I tried to think. Had I snuck one or two in between eating my burger? My brain wasn’t exactly working right now. “Maybe, I don’t know.” I finally said. “But if it were actual poison, wouldn’t it take a few minutes to get in my system? I just started eating.”

Nick was just about to agree when he snatched my Sprite. “Have you been drinking this?”

So much for paying attention. “Yeah.” I nodded. “And how exactly are you going to test your theory of my drink being drugged?” I pointed out with a moan. If I moved the slightest, it set my head spinning, which spun the world I saw as well. If I weren’t already sick, I would have been now. “Watch the man. See who he meets with.” I groggily told Nick.

“Right.” Nick twisted his head to look behind him, a motion that made me want to gag, just sitting here. “Our waitress is over there taking his order, but there’s nobody with him. That’s strange. Don’t you usually wait for the other person coming to get your food?”

“Maybe he was really hungry.” I suggested, the thought of food making me want to gag. “People do that, right?”

Nick didn’t respond as he watched the table the man was sitting at. Finally, he turned to me, his eyes lit up with something that looked like both excitement and understanding. “The waitress is the partner.” He explained. “I just watched the waitress talk to the man, write down whatever he said, and then shove the note into her back pocket.”

“Are you sure that wasn’t his order?” I mumbled, wishing that the Sprite was safe to drink. Didn’t lemon and lime drinks calm your stomach? Or was that drinks with ginger in them? Never mind.

“Yup, because now she’s writing something down in her book, she usually takes orders in. But if she’s his partner, do you know what that means?” Nick asked me.

“Nope.” I wearily replied. All I wanted to do right now was go home, get some medicine for my aching stomach and then…

“Then she was spiked your Sprite!” Nick exclaimed. “Somehow she must have figured out that you and I were watching them and tried to distract us.”

“Well, it worked.” I moaned. “I wonder how they figured out we were watching them.”

“Let’s see, how many people do you know go to a seafood restaurant and order burgers and fries? Plus, maybe the tip we got was rigged somehow. It was anonymous, remember? I wonder if…” Nick suddenly stopped and then whispered fiercely to me, “She’s coming!”

I jerked my head up to see and that’s when I lost it. Thankfully, I hadn’t had much in my system, but still what I did hurl, splattered on the table in front of me. Talk about gross.

Without so much of a negative word, Nick yanked a few brown napkins from the dispenser on the table and handed them to me. “You, okay? Want me to go get you some water or something?”

“No!” I almost shouted, and then lowered my voice. “I do NOT want anything else from this restaurant. Besides maybe a refund!” I added, wiping my mouth with the napkins. The taste of acid in my mouth made me want to puke again, but before I could the waitress was standing at the table.

“A refund? Is something wrong with the food?” The waitress questioned, but her tone wasn’t confused or curious. Made sense because she already knew exactly what had happened.

“Nothing with the food, ma’am, but we are aware of the Sprite.” Nick informed her, standing up. “I’m going to need you to come with me.”

“What…what for?” The waitress stuttered.

“For poisoning or putting whatever it was, in her drink, which intentions of making her sick.” Nick pointed at me. “And also, for aiding a murderer. The murderer being that man over there,” Nick went on to motion to the man still sitting in the table. “Which is why he’ll be joining us at the station.”

“You’re kidding me, right?” The waitress shortly laughed, as if she couldn’t believe what Nick was saying. When Nick’s expression didn’t change, her demeanor sobered again. “I didn’t help a killer. What evidence do you even have to prove that accusation?”

“The paper in your back pocket.” Nick answered. “I’m not sure what it says, but I have a feeling it will be enlightening.”

The waitress laughed again, but this time it was nervous. “What paper?”

“I’m going to see it either way, ma’am. Here or at the station. Just a matter of time.” Nick warned her. “Mind as well show it now.”

The waitress hesitated and then all of the sudden lifted her leg and kicked Nick right below the knee. “Run Jason!” She screamed and then broke out running away, while Nick recovered from the attack.

Jason had slid away from his table and was on the waitress’s heals when they suddenly just froze. And I was the reason for that. In my hand, was my Glock and the sound of me cocking it had been enough to get the two to stop. “Put your hands in the air!” I ordered.

Nick, soon, had also retrieved his weapon, and relieved I sank back into my chair. Man, I still felt like I had just ridden a roller coaster. And I hated roller coasters.

-Kaitlyn 💜

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