A Little Fishy (Part 3)

A Kaitlyn and Nick Mystery-Suspense Short Story

Five hours later or roughly 11:00 p.m.,

A cup of steaming coffee in hand, I opened the front door. Nick was standing on my dark porch, a black file in one hand. “Hey partner.” He greeted me. “How’s the headache?”

“Thanks to the ibuprofen, bearable.” I replied, stepping back to let him come in. “You want some coffee or something?”

“Nah, I think I had about five or six cups at the department.” Nick assured me.

“Well, you’re going to be up all night.” I concluded. “So, tell me on how everything went down.” I told him, sipping my drink slowly. “I’m assuming that file is the case file.”

“You would be correct.” Nick confirmed, handing me the file. I flipped it open and leafed through the pages as he continued. “Well, after you went to the doctor’s, I questioned the waitress, who we now know as Carla Bailey, and Jason Molten, and of course both of them denied being involved on anything. That might have gotten them somewhere, had I not recovered the note from Bailey’s pocket.”

I had located a picture of the note in the file. “Dock, 5:30, Bronze Feather. What’s the Bronze Feather?” I wondered, but not for long. The next page in the folder contained a picture of a ship, with the words, “Bronze Feather”, etched on the side of it. “It’s a getaway ship!”

“Yup!” Nick agreed. “With a little bit of research, we figured out that the ship didn’t belong to either of our suspects, but instead to a fishermen, who rented out his boat, for vacationers and such. We, then called, the fisherman and he said that a man named Jason Molten had called and made a reservation for two people. Knowing this, I went back to interrogate the two crooks, but they still didn’t break.”

“What about the kids? Why didn’t you just get them to ID the two crooks?” I asked.

“We did.” Nick responded, turning to the next page for me. I skimmed the contents and realized he was right. The kids had picked out both Bailey and Molten even when the two criminals had been in a group of others. “It was rough watching the kids identify their mother’s killer. None of those poor kids were over thirteen, but they were all intent on justice being served.”

I grimaced and made a mental note to think of something to do for the poor kids. “They sound tough. I have a feeling their mom would be proud.” I swallowed some more of my coffee. “Anyway, with that out of the way…”

“It’s dinnertime?” Nick cut me off. “Because I never got to finish my burger. Then again, not sure I wanted it after you gagged all over it.” He joked.

“Next time you can get the drugged Sprite.” I grumbled, walking back towards the kitchen.

“Kidding K.” Nick called after me. “But seriously, you up for some McDonald’s? What about Chick-Fil-A?”

-Kaitlyn 💜






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