Writing on the Waves

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Writing prompts:

  1. Write a story where something unusual is found hidden on the sandy beach.
  2. While you’re out swimming one day, you see a dark shadow in the ocean…and it’s coming towards you.
  3. Two complete strangers meet at the beach one day, but by the end of their trips, they’re best friends.
  4. A beach seagull won’t let a group of beach goers enjoy their trip, but what they don’t understand is the seagull is trying to tell them something.
  5. Where are all the beach towels, swimming goggles, and beach umbrellas going? One by one they keep disappearing, but everyone claims to be innocent.

Mine: You find a letter in a bottle…but it’s written in a foreign language…one that the main character actually understands.


It’d been a long week, but I was finally at the beach.

I inhaled a deep breath, sucking some of the salty ocean air into my lungs as I dropped my beach bag down on the sand. There were a few others nearby, splashing in the water or sitting underneath a towel reading a book, but aside from them, the beach seemed vacant.

I wasn’t complaining.

I set up my umbrella and towel and after putting on some sunscreen, I headed for the water, rubbing my now-slimy hands together. I reached down to wash the sunscreen off my hands in the pretty blue water, but just as my fingers touched the ocean, I froze.

Was that a bottle?

Why was there a glass bottle floating in the water?

I snatched it and held it up, realizing there was a folded piece of paper inside. “Wow—” I couldn’t believe it.

This was the kind of thing that happened in books and movies, not in real life.

Curiosity got the better of me, and I opened the bottle pulling out the note. Drying my hands on my bathing suit, I pulled out the note and began…to read the message.


HOW was I reading the message?

Or better question…who wrote the message…and how did they know my family’s secret code?

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