Look Up, Because They Are Too

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Happy Monday!

Yes…it’s been a while since I’ve posted, I know, but I’m back now!

About a month or two ago, I started writing down daily to-do lists to help me remember what I need to get done. It worked, so to this day, I continue to start my morning by jotting down a list of things I want to accomplish and leaving the list on my desk where I know I’ll see it. (I highly recommend trying this…it’s helped me be both productive and optimistic about my day!)

Anyways, a few days ago I noticed something strange…sitting on my sister’s desk was a sticky note and on it, she’d written down a few things she’d been working on. For instance, one thing she wrote was ‘read four chapters of my book’ and another was ‘work on my newsletter’, but the interesting thing was that both items were in a list format.

Or in other words, she’d created her own to-do list and one by one she was marking her objectives off in neon-pink ink. Now, my sister isn’t even in middle school yet, so to-do lists are a foreign concept to her…a foreign concept that I introduced to her.

You see, when I saw the sticky note on ‘her side’ of the desk, I realized something. She was WATCHING me. Learning from me. My little sister saw something I was doing and realized that she wanted to try it. This was when it clicked with me that my actions DID have an effect on my sister.

But with this observation I also felt a heavy heap of responsibilities drop onto my shoulders. If my sister was watching me, it meant that everything I did, whether it was good or bad, she saw it. And if she saw the times when I lost my temper or made a bad decision, would she also copy those?

Do you have someone like that in your life? Someone, whether it’s a younger sibling, child of your own, or maybe even a friend in your life, and that someone looks up to you. Although you’re not responsible for what they do, your actions do affect them.

LONG STORY SHORT, you might think that what you do just affects you, but in reality, you are an example. No matter how old you are or what you do, someone is watching you to see how you react to a stressful situation or how you handle a dangerous situation.

So make the right decision.

If not for yourself, think about the others looking up to you.

More on the topic of role models and how to write them to come this week!

Have a great day and happy writing!


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